Opinion poll 2018 - Factsheet Tunisie ENG

Opinion Poll 2018 - Tunisia (factsheet)

21 March 2019
Poll shows most Tunisians think EU has good relations with their country A bit more than two-thirds of Tunisians feel their country has good relations with the European Union, and most say the EU has a positive influence on development in their country. Forty-eight per cent of Tunisians are aware…
Opinion poll 2018 - Factsheet Israel ENG

Opinion Poll 2018 - Israel (factsheet)

21 March 2019
Israelis share values with the EU, but divided on relations, poll finds Most Israelis feel that the EU and Israel share sufficient common values to cooperate, but they are divided about whether their country actually has good relations with the EU, according to the latest annual opinion poll in…
Factsheet regional overview

Opinion Poll 2018 – regional overview (factsheet)

21 March 2019
Polls highlight positive views of EU partnership across southern Mediterranean Most people in the EU’s southern Mediterranean partners feel the European Union has a very or fairly positive relation with their country and they believe EU financial support to be effective. These are just some of the…
Report Opinion Poll 2018

Opinion Poll 2018 (report)

21 March 2019
This opinion poll has been designed to assess the current levels of awareness among the general public about EU support in the Southern Neighbourhood countries, as well as public attitudes towards, and perceptions of the European Union in these countries. A key focus of the study are the…
Supporting People Striving for Democracy: European Endowment for Democracy annual report 2017

Supporting People Striving for Democracy: European Endowment for Democracy annual report 2017

01 March 2018
The European Endowment for Democracy's annual report provides an overview of the different political environments in which the EED operates - from transitional and restrictive environments, to authoritarian regimes and conflict situations. It looks at the respective challenges that each of those…