MEDREG report - Transparency of gas transmission, liquefied natural gas and storage infrastructure in energy community and Mediterranean region

MEDREG report - Transparency of Gas Transmission, LNG and Storage Infrastructure in Energy Community and Mediterranean Region - Compliance Monitoring
MEDREG report

This report assesses the level of transparency in gas infrastructures – transmission pipelines, liquefied natural gas facilities and storages – among the members of the Association for the Mediterranean Regulators (MEDREG) and the Energy Community Regulatory Board (ECRB). This monitoring exercise aims to achieve a minimum common transparency standard by identifying the necessary improvements and making a set of recommendations.

Although a certain level of transparency has been established among the analysed countries, improvements and further progress are required. Legislation on transparency is not yet well established among non-EU MEDREG members, which creates an impediment against the development and progression of the principle of transparency.