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€2.5 million

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Brief Description

FEMISE (Euro-Mediterranean Forum of Economic Institutes) is a network of research institutes from the North and South of the Mediterranean, which promotes dialogue and research on socio-economic issues and advises Mediterranean Partner Countries on reform.

Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia.


The General Objective is to reinforce dialogue between stakeholders and conduct research on priority EuroMed issues.

The Specific Objectives are:

1. To conduct policy research and make recommendations with respect to economic relations between Europe and its Mediterranean partners;

2. To communicate and disseminate this research for the benefit of public and private, national and multilateral institutions and;

3. To provide a platform that promotes dialogues between different partners on issues that matter for the region.

Actions in brief

  • Supports a network of 95 economic research institutes from the North and South of the Mediterranean.
  • Provides platform for dialogues and debates among different stakeholders of researchers, international community, private sector, media, civil society and decision makers on EU-MED priority issues through conferences and policy seminars.
  • Conducts research on priority issues of Euro-Mediterranean economic cooperation, as defined by a scientific program that is prepared in collaboration with the different stakeholders on priority issues of the EU-Med.
  • Disseminates the result of the research through different channels, such as research reports, policy briefs, articles, newsletters, etc. to ensure the largest dissemination possible including the general public.
  • Maintains a user-friendly website where research publications are available and encourages connections through social media where stakeholders can exchange ideas and communicates through newsletters.
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