Support for the creation of a national agency for evaluation and accreditation in the field of higher education and scientific research EMORI programme, Tunisia


Contract description

Provide high level expertise to support Tunisian decision-makers in the creation of a national evaluation and accreditation agency in the field of higher education and scientific research. This support will be dedicated to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, as well as all participants involved in the evaluation of research activities and accreditation, by way of:
— the design of an autonomous, sustainable entity that meets international standards,
— the professionalisation of its mode of operation with regard to benchmarks, methodologies and tools,
— capacity building of the entity’s staff and evaluators involved in evaluation and accreditation activities,
— and improving the visibility and local and international positioning of this new entity.
This expertise will be ensured through a central expertise focused on high-level technical assistance to mainly provide:
— diagnostic studies, regulatory review, and development of strategies and action plans, procedures manuals and operational benchmarks, in order to improve the functioning of the new evaluation and accreditation entity,
— training and training of trainers in the context of enhancing the skills of the entity's staff and the participants involved in the evaluation and accreditation activities,
— coaching and support actions for the entity's staff as well as the evaluators and beneficiaries of the services of this entity,
— awareness-raising activities (seminars, workshops, etc.) and dissemination of information.

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