Regional IT Officer (RITO) at the EU Delegation to Jordan - Administration section, Jordan - European External Action Service (EEAS)

The European External Action Service (EEAS) is looking for a Regional IT Officer in Jordan.

The Regional IT Officer will be responsible, under the authority of the Head of Delegation (HOD) and under the direct responsibility of the Head of Administration (HOA), and the guidance of the division EEAS.BA.BS3, for the day-to-day running of the IT infrastructure and the support to the users of the Delegations under the remit of the regional center.

The main tasks to be executed are: (non-exhaustive list)

ICT infrastructure management

  • Ensure the implementation and perform daily operations of the server infrastructure, their maintenance, upgrades, updates, backups, restores, capacity planning, security and audit, incident and problem management.
  • Manage shared resources (disks, printers); assign rights to users; create and maintain necessary automation scripts.
  • Manage the internal LAN, the IP address allocation and other network equipment.
  • In general, take the necessary measures to ensure a high level of quality and availability in the ICT infrastructure.
  • Ensure the proper registration, by using the ticketing tool, all IT incidents and service requests reported to him and, whenever unable to provide a solution, escalate to the appropriate higher level of support.
  • Ensure, follow-up, implement solutions, and in general, participate in the Incident and Request Fulfillment processes actively.
  • Supervise and support the activities of the Level1 IT support staff in the assigned Delegations. Ensure defined processes are well followed by the IT staff (proper use of ITSM tools)
  • Monitor closely the status of the IT infrastructure and react properly to incidents and outages.
  • Install and manage the Wifi infrastructure of the Delegations.

ICT equipment management

  • Deploy the new PC/Laptops Reference configurations, software updates, etc. via the provided tools and procedures (Ivanti and SCCM) in coordination with HQ support and local ITSUP.

ICT security management

  • Apply the security policies decided by the HQ and propose additional measures if necessary.
  • Manage whenever necessary the accounts, keeping updated the different directories.
  • Ensure that all precautions are taken concerning sensitive information.
  • In general, implement the necessary measures to keep a high level of IT security in the office.

ICT advice and management

  • Organize and/or attend meetings on day-to-day matters related with the IT operation, participate in discussions, assessing the impact of changes and make recommendations.
  • Assist the Head of Administration with budget related expenditure estimates, in the preparation, maintaining of office budgets and servicing costs.
  • Assist in the negotiation with suppliers, associated agencies with regard to equipment, cabling, access to Internet etc.
  • Maintain necessary budgetary control records.
  • Prepare a quarterly activity report.
  • Ensure business continuity by remotely managing the ICT infrastructure during absences or missions of other RITOs for the Delegations in the same regional group.
  • Perform regular and frequent missions to the Delegations within the same region or exceptionally on demand to other regions.
  • Participate in one or more “Centres of Expertise” (COE), according to his expertise on specific IT fields, and provide effective 2nd/3rd level of IT support to all Delegations. In parallel, participate in global IT projects, related to his expertise, as requested by EEAS/BA.BS.3.
  • Optionally and when requested by EEAS/ BA.BS.3, act as "Service Owner" i.e. responsible for the delivery of specific IT services, at global scale.

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