Tunisia: Union for the Mediterranean event to address blue economy key issues

people on white and blue boat during daytime
people on white and blue boat during daytime
Copyright: Anastasia Palagutina

The UfM is co-organizing on 21 September 2019 the “Forum de la Mer” in Bizerte, Tunisia. The Forum seeks to address key issues of environmental conservation and sustainable use of oceans and seas, the fight against climate change and a sustainable approach to the blue economy at the top of the agenda and in a shared Euro-Mediterranean framework and solidarity.

At the initiative of the Tunisian civil society, the Tunisian Institute for Strategic Studies (ITES) made emerge, early 2018, a reflection on the need to endow Tunisia with a national maritime strategy, to better control its space and strengthen its presence in this area at regional and international level. Starting from the observation that the blue economy in the broad sense still represents only 12% of the Tunisian GDP, the margins of growth and the creation of new types of jobs are obvious.


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