Presentation of the “Generation What? Arabic” project

 EU funded “Generation What? Arabic” project
EU funded “Generation What? Arabic” project
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“Generation What” is an interactive multi-media program, originally initiated in France in 2016 by France Televisions, and subsequently implemented by public service broadcasters in 13 EU Member States and France’s Overseas Territories as well as in Asian Pacific countries.

In 2018, the EU supported and funded the replication of “Generation What?” to eight Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia, under the name “Generation What? Arabic”

“Generation What? Arabic” is built around a unique multi-media survey where some ten thousand young people – 18 to 35 years old - describe their living conditions, voice their opinions on society, and discuss their aspirations and fears relating to a wide range of subjects.

The results of “Generation What?” and “Generation What? Arabic” offer a panoramic look at the broad range of experiences which mark these transitional years in young people’s lives both in Europe and eight countries in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region.


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