Jordanian Minister of Justice and EU Ambassador discuss strengthening cooperation on the rule of law

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EU-Jordan flags
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H.E Minister of Justice, Bassam Talhouni, and H.E. Ambassador of the European Union, Maria Hadjitheodosiou, met yesterday to discuss the ongoing cooperation in the Justice sector in the framework of the €50 million “Support to the Rule of Law in Jordan” programme. The EU continues to support the Government’s efforts to promote the rule of law, which is fundamental in promoting a democratic society, and has recently released a second tranche of €9 million in the framework of this ongoing support.

Through the EU support programme, there has been a significant increase in the number of free legal aid services provided by the Ministry of Justice, and a positive increase in the number of the implementation of judicial orders. Under this programme, the EU and Jordan set up a pilot programme for the rehabilitation of drug addicts, and developed community-based alternatives to detention. The programme further contributed to the enhancement of the IT services and physical infrastructures of the courts.

Among the many achievements supported by this grant were: developing the independence of the judiciary, with a better financial and administrative structure for the Judicial Council; contributing to the digitalisation of the sector, by providing 88,5% of judges and prosecutors with access to electronic records and with a direct connection to law enforcement departments; and increasing the execution of judicial orders to 65,74%.


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