EU’s CES-MED website receives higher number of visitors from Algeria and Morocco

EU Neighbours South
EU Neighbours South

Based on the 'Google analytics' results available, the CES MED website has received visits from more than 14,100 users. Out of this number, more than 1,500 were returning visitors to the website. Overall, the different CES MED website sections were viewed more than 57,000 times (57,497).

At average, 600 users were visiting the website on a monthly basis, as the highest number of users reached 1,100 in March 2018. Other high peaks in the website’s visits are observed in March 2017, September 2017 and January 2018.

The highest number of users is observed in Algeria (14%) and Morocco (12%), followed by Tunisia (5,2%) and Lebanon (5%), Egypt (4%), and lastly by Jordan (2,8%), Palestine (2,7%) and Israel (1,5%).

Other countries demonstrating also a high percentage of users are the United States (8,5%) and France (7,6%), followed by Italy, Germany and other EU countries with percentages lower than 3%. This is a significant sign of the penetration of CES MED activities in countries beyond the specifically targeted ones.

The CES-MED project is an EU-funded regional initiative set up to provide training and technical assistance support to local and national authorities in the southern Mediterranean region, with a view to helping them respond more actively to sustainable policy challenges.

CES-MED ensures that the actions proposed match with the objectives of the Covenant of Mayors: to reach and even go beyond the European objective to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% thanks to the improvement of energy efficiency and the increased use of sustainable energy.

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