The European Union’s law enforcement agency: Europol's Director visit Israel to discuss future cooperation

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On 10-11 September Wil van Gemert, Deputy Executive Director of Europol, visited the Israeli National Police in Jerusalem special operational units in Lod to discuss future cooperation.
The Working Arrangement between Europol Israel was signed in July 2018 to expand cooperation to combat cross-border criminal activity. Aware of the urgent problems arising from international cross-border organised crime, the agreement allows for the exchange of strategic information and the joint planning of operational activities.
After entry into force of the agreement, this new level of cooperation has been important for tackling priority crime areas affecting both the European Union (EU) and Israel, such as fraud, cybercrime and terrorism. Investigations in the EU have occasionally established links to Israel in the field of financial crime. As Europol supports EU Member States in identifying cross-border links, the Israeli contribution in such cases continues to be of utmost importance.

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Working Arrangement establishing cooperative relations between the law enforcement authorities of Israel and the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation