The European-supported ANIMA Investment Network organises the Afterwork "Risks & Opportunities in the Southern Mediterranean"

ANIMA Investment Network
ANIMA Investment Network
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ANIMA Investment Network, (COOPERATION PLATFORM FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN THE MEDITERRANEAN) in partnership with GM Consultant, is organising the Afterwork "Risks & Opportunities in the Southern Mediterranean" on May 16, 2019 in Marseille. This is an opportunity to discuss around 4 round tables where experts, companies, insurers and economists will discuss the risks and opportunities of the Mediterranean market from both an economic and an insurance point of view.

During this afterwork, two sessions will be organized on economic and insurance themes related to the southern Mediterranean. From 8pm, participants will be able to enjoy a cocktail reception on the waterfront.

ANIMA Investment Network is co-supported by the European Commission.

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