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The EU-funded EUROMED Invest project has led a mentoring mission between two Mediterranean companies, laying the ground for a lasting partnership between cheese producers from Egypt and Greece.

The Greek and Egyptian cheese producers Kissas and Daoud Trading had initially met during a B2B activity organised by another EU-funded initiative, the LACTIMED cross-border cooperation project. The companies agreed to study the possibility of a joint venture for cheese production for the Egyptian, Arab and European markets, exploiting their facilities in Mouzaki and Alexandria.

With the support of the EUROMED Invest Entrepreneurs Mentoring Programme, the two companies arranged their first exchange mission in September 2016.

Both companies agreed that their joint project would lead to a win-win situation supporting the internationalisation and improvement of production standards of Daoud Trading and enlarging the export markets for the Greek SME Kissas. They decided then to establish a joint venture both for creating a feta style cheese production facility in Egypt, and for upgrading the existing facilities of Daoud Trading in Alexandria.

One year on, Amr Daoud, the Owner and General Manager of the Daoud Trading Company feels the effort has paid off: “We have a solid agreement for joint production with Kissas and we have an export order with 10 containers for Greece. I am happy and grateful that the EUROMED Invest initiative made this possible by supporting our joint initiative.”

Daoud Trading will now produce Egyptian cheese in the Kissas facilities and will be able to overcome the ban on import of Egyptian dairy products to the EU.

The aim of the EUROMED Invest project is to boost private business and investment within the Euro-Mediterranean region to contribute to inclusive economic development. The project’s activities aim to empower Euro-Med business and investment networks to implement targeted strategies in support of SME development in specific sectors: agri-food, water and alternative energies, tourism, transport and logistics, cultural and creative industries.


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