EU is there with full support to end Syria crisis, Mogherini says at the United Nations General Assembly

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An EU hosted event on the Syria crisis is the first meeting on Syria following the UN announcement of an agreement on the formation of a Constitutional Committee. A political solution under UN auspices is the goal the EU always supported also with the three Brussels Conferences, bringing together donors, civil society and international community.

"This war will never be ended by weapons. This war can only really be ended by mediation and by a true reconciliation within the Syrian society," said High Representative Federica Mogherini at a EU hosted Ministerial event on the Syria crisis in the margins of UNGA. "This conflict can only be ended through a broad political agreement under the UN auspices," Mogherini added.

Millions of Syrians are still displaced because of the conflict, both inside and outside of Syria. Syrian refugees have a right to return. And in fact, some refugees are already doing so. A way will need to be found, no doubt with UNHCR playing a leading role to ensure that those returning to Syria are doing so in a safe, voluntary and dignified manner, the High Representative added. The EU, as usual, will be there with its full support to allow the UN to fulfil this important task, the High Representative concluded.

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