PADSEL NOA: From handouts to financial independence for women

PADSEL NOA: From handouts to financial independence for women

26 January 2021
Piloted in 6 provinces and 24 target municipalities, the Programme for the support of sustainable local development and social actions in North West Algeria (PADSEL NOA) is helping local public sector stakeholders support populations in their journey to financial independence. Jointly financed by…
Ayman Al-Farawan ©EDUSYRIA

Syrian virology student goes the extra mile to prevent spread of virus

08 January 2021
For many, the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has brought confusion and fear into their lives, along with uncertainty about the future. For others though, the pandemic offered an opportunity to put their knowledge to the service of others. This is the case of Ayman Al-Farawan, a Syrian virology…
Hiba Al-Masry ©EDUSYRIA

Small acts of kindness reap great hope amidst the pandemic

08 January 2021
A dynamic 28-year-old Syrian with a bright smile, Hiba Al-Masry emanates positivity towards anyone who crosses her path.
Zaina Al-Masry ©EDUSYRIA

Relentless activism: young Syrian stands for her community against COVID-19 challenges

23 December 2020
After graduating from Zarqa University thanks to her EU-funded EDU-SYRIA I scholarship, Zaina Al-Masry was determined to continue doing what she loved the most: giving back to her community.

Inventiveness at the service of children’s education

30 November 2020
If one word could describe young Mariam Konan Rasheed, it would be resourceful. Stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the 33-year-old Jordanian came up with the most entertaining way to educate her younger peers: online educational videos.
Love your country: Recycle! ©LLR

Love your country: Recycle! Lebanese app makes recycling easy and accessible

26 November 2020
Finding new solutions to long lasting challenges can sometimes spark drastic changes in society, as a young Lebanese entrepreneur demonstrated through his recycling mobile application “Live, Love, Recycle”. Supported by various European Union funded programmes, George Bitar has become a trailblazer…
Su’ad Nabulsi ©EDUSYRIA

Accessibility despite COVID-19: Syrian student beats the odds for inclusion

16 November 2020
A brilliant student who graduated from an Educational Science degree at Zarqa University with a 92.7% GPA, Su’ad Nabulsi’s intelligence is only rivaled by her empathy and care for others. 
“On your bike!” ©TABDEEL

“On your bike!”: Egyptian women cycle on the winds of change

13 November 2020
Using their daily commute to defy societal norms and express their right to freedom, a group of Egyptian women has triggered the wheel of change in their communities, as part of the nationwide online campaign “Better by Bike”. Launched by the “Tabdeel” initiative (which means both “Pedaling” and “…
The team ©EDUSYRIA

Syrian students put COVID-19 advice at mobile users’ fingertips

09 November 2020
Connected to their computers with their headphones plugged in day and night, Ahmad Talal Almhaimad, Mohammad Alwahabi & Yousef Madnou have been working together relentlessly since the COVID-19 pandemic reached Jordan. Instead of being discouraged by the challenging situation, the three Syrian…
Bringing healthcare to all - Ayaat Nouaisah ©EDUSYRIA

Bringing healthcare to all: young Jordanian offers free medical aid to village during COVID-19

05 November 2020
Ayaat Nouaisah, a young nursing student, has come up with an innovative idea to ease COVID-19-related challenges for her remote village and bring solace to her local community.