Opinion poll 2018 - Factsheet Egypt ENG

Opinion Poll 2018 - Egypt (factsheet)

21 March 2019
Poll shows most Egyptians have a positive impression of the EU Sixty-five per cent of Egyptians have a positive or fairly positive impression of the EU, and half of them feel their country has good relations with the European Union. Forty-eight per cent of Egyptians are aware of the financial…
Factsheet regional overview

Opinion Poll 2018 – regional overview (factsheet)

21 March 2019
Polls highlight positive views of EU partnership across southern Mediterranean Most people in the EU’s southern Mediterranean partners feel the European Union has a very or fairly positive relation with their country and they believe EU financial support to be effective. These are just some of the…
EU Ambassador Surkoš

Egypt: The EU's conference on "Enhancing Bilateral and Regional Cooperation on Labour Mobility in the Mediterranean Region"

21 March 2019
The European Union and the Egyptian Foreign Ministry launched a two-day conference on "Strengthening bilateral and regional cooperation on labour mobility in the Mediterranean region" in Cairo. EU Ambassador Surkoš stressed the importance of cooperation and dialogue among the various parties…
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

EU Declaration on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

21 March 2019
This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the entry into force of the International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD). The Convention has proven to be an effective tool, by holding Governments accountable to their citizens and on the international…
Report Opinion Poll 2018

Opinion Poll 2018 (report)

21 March 2019
This opinion poll has been designed to assess the current levels of awareness among the general public about EU support in the Southern Neighbourhood countries, as well as public attitudes towards, and perceptions of the European Union in these countries. A key focus of the study are the…
Migration Media Award 2019: Call for applications launched

Migration Media Award 2019: Call for applications launched

14 March 2019
The Call for submissions for the Migration Media Award, aimed at showcasing and awarding journalistic excellence in the Euro-Mediterranean region, has been launched. It is for the third time that journalists reporting on migration have the chance to receive the EU-funded award. The 2019 edition…
European Endowment for Democracy Annual Report 2018 – Supporting people striving for democracy

European Endowment for Democracy Annual Report 2018 – Supporting people striving for democracy

12 March 2019
Beyond providing important highlights of the year, the European Endowment for Democracy Annual Report 2018 presents a short general overview of EED’s work since its inception to mark the fifth anniversary. Since its establishment in 2013, the EED Secretariat has received over 5,000 requests for…
EU-funded FEMISE

EU-funded FEMISE concludes strategic partnership for women in the Mediterranean with Altafemina and “Institut de la Méditerranée”

11 March 2019
FEMISE, Altafemina and “Institut de la Méditerranée” are committed actors in their efforts to contribute to inclusive development models, to advocate values of diversity and solidarity and are aware of the need to pool resources to act for strengthening women’s engagement in the Mediterranean. This…
Euromed Police

Euromed Police teams up with the Public Security Directorate of Jordan to work on firearms trafficking

11 March 2019
The Euromed Police Project has invited specialists from the Southern and the Northern Mediterranean to explore the management of operations related to firearms trafficking across land borders. The aim was to identify the main capacity gaps for law enforcement authorities regarding the conduct of…
European Parliament

EU external action: more funds for human rights, development and climate change for 2021-2027

08 March 2019
This week, the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Development committees adopted their joint position on the proposed Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI). The new financial instrument would, once agreed by both Parliament and EU ministers, channel the…