Better and Easier Lifelong Learning Education - BELLE online platform

The BELLE platform has been developed with the aim to facilitate the access to lifelong learning opportunities for adults. It has 6 free introductory level learning modules in 7 EU languages. The online learning platform, consists of the offer of a range of training modules for adult learners…
Factsheet – EU Budget for the future

Factsheet – EU Budget for the future

18 June 2018
The European Commission has published a factsheet to explain the detailed functioning of the new instrument, the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI). It will be the EU’s main tool to contribute to eradicating poverty and promoting sustainable development,…
External Investment Plan

EU External Investment Plan

28 March 2018
A factsheet on the EU's External Investment Plan (EIP), which aims to encourage investment in the EU's partner countries in the EU Neighbourhood region and Africa, promoting inclusive growth, job creation and sustainable development.
TAIEX and Twinning – Highlights 2016

TAIEX and Twinning – Highlights 2016

06 October 2017
There are many ways to promote democracy and stability, the rule of law and good governance, as well as economic development and prosperity in the Neighbourhood and Enlargement regions. Since the start of their operations, TAIEX and its longer–term sibling, Twinning, contributed to achieving these…