EU4Energy: An integrated approach to energy saving in Belarus

2013-2017 Budget: €2 million

The establishment of efficient and cost-effective energy networks requires efforts on the part of informed citizens. This project sought to raise awareness of the importance of energy efficiency, empower local communities to take action, and demonstrate innovative energy saving…


EU4Energy: Biomass Heating Solutions for Rural Development - BioHeatingRural

2015-2017 Budget: €287495

The success of biomass pilot projects in Armenia have demonstrated the potential for rural communities to benefit economically from exploiting agricultural waste. In addition to creating new revenue streams, the projects point the way to a more sustainable and energy-efficient…


EU4Energy: Enhancing impact of civil society in monitoring reforms in line with the Association Agreement

2016-2019 Budget: €485997

Monitoring Ukraine’s journey towards an Association Agreement with the EU helps keep the country’s reforms on track. An EU-funded project is supporting this ambition by following developments in energy and environment and communicating progress to citizens.…

High-voltage transmission lines in the Republic of Moldova

EU4Energy: Moldelectrica Power Transmission Network Rehabilitation

2012-2020 Budget: €8 million

While the Republic of Moldova recognises the need to reduce energy losses and integrate with the energy market of Europe, overhauling the country’s state-owned electricity transmission system requires investment and expertise. The Moldelectrica Power Transmission…

Green energy transition, Moldova

EU4Energy: Moldova Energy and Biomass Project

2011-2018 Budget: €23 million

The EU-funded Moldova Energy and Biomass Project (MEBP) aims to boost the country’s most viable and readily available local source of renewable energy - biomass from agricultural waste. This will foster secure, competitive and sustainable energy production. The project…

MoREEFF programme, Moldova

EU4Energy: Moldovan Residential Energy Efficiency Financing Facility (MoREEFF)

2011-2017 Budget: €4.7 million

The Moldova Sustainable Energy Efficiency Finance Facility (MoSEFF), co-funded by the EU, has supported energy efficiency and renewable energy investments of private companies. This was made possible thanks to support in preparing technically feasible and bankable projects, support to lenders in…

EU4Energy: Municipal Project Support Facility (MPSF)

EU4Energy: Municipal Project Support Facility (MPSF)

2015-2019 Budget: €12 million

The Municipal Project Support Facility (MPSF) was set up in 2015 with a very specific aim: to provide help to municipalities to access the financing necessary to deliver energy efficiency investments and financial savings.

Solar panels and wind turbines. Shutterstock photo. Credit: Jaroslava V

EU4Energy Programme

2016-2020 Budget: €21 million ( EU Investment: €20 million )

The EU4Energy Programme aims to improve the quality of energy data and statistics, shape regional policy-making discussions, strengthen legislative and regulatory frameworks and improve access to information in the partner countries. The Programme forms a key component of the EU4Energy…

EU4Energy: Соглашение мэров – Восток (CoM East)

EU4Energy: Covenant of Mayors East (CoM East)

2016-2020 Budget: €4.5 million

This EU-funded project is supporting the activities of the Covenant of Mayors in the Eastern Partnership, which provides tailored support to cities and municipalities in the region that have signed up to the Covenant of Mayors (CoM). This…

Восточноевропейское Партнерство в сфере энергоэффективности и экологии (Е5Р)

EU4Energy: Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership

2011-2019 Budget: €180 million ( EU Investment: €78 million )

The Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P) is a multi-donor fund targeted at municipal energy efficiency investments in the Eastern Partnership region. Grants, blended with loans from international financing institutions (IFIs), are used to…