Европейский корпус солидарности

European Solidarity Corps

2018-2020 Budget: €375.6 million

The European Solidarity Corps is a European Union initiative…

Сеть выпускников EU4Youth

EU4Youth Alumni Network

2019 Budget: €311000

The EU4Youth Alumni network aims to streamline into a unified network all the beneficiaries of EU Mobility programmes in the Eastern Partner Countries and existing youth networks, such as the Young European Ambassadors (YEA) networks, EaP Civil…

EU4Youth – Youth Engagement Roadmaps

EU4Youth – Youth Engagement Roadmaps

2020-2021 Budget: €1.8 million

The project aims to improve the national youth policies of the Eastern partner countries by contributing to the development of an effective policy…

EU4Youth Capacity Building – Eastern Partnership Youth Window

EU4Youth Capacity Building – Eastern Partnership Youth Window

2017 Budget: €11.08 million

This project (Component 1 of the EU4Youth programme) aims at empowering young people with key competences and skills supporting their active…

Программа грантов EU4Youth - Фокус на уязвимой молодежи и молодежном предпринимательстве

EU4Youth Grant Scheme - Focus on disadvantaged youth and youth entrepreneurship

2017-2022 Budget: €14.5 million

This grant scheme (Component 2 of the EU4Youth programme) aims at enhancing educational and employment opportunities for young people,…

Координация и поддержка программы EU4Youth

EU4Youth Coordination and Support

2018-2021 Budget: €2.5 million

This project (Component 3 of the EU4Youth Programme) aims at ensuring the effective functioning of EU4Youth, its alignment with relevant policy dialogues, actions and other programmes, as well as the creation of synergies…

EU4Youth – «Школьный сад» для сельскохозяйственного предпринимательства»

EU4Youth – 'School Garden' for Agricultural Entrepreneurship

2018-2022 Budget: €1.58 million

The project fosters the employability and active participation in society and the economy of young people living in disadvantaged rural areas in Belarus, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine (including around Chernobyl), by developing modern labour skills, supporting them in becoming leaders/…

eTwinning Plus

eTwinning Plus


eTwinning Plus extends the eTwinning programme for schools to certain countries of the eastern and southern neighbourhood (

Eastern Partnership European School

Eastern Partnership European School

2018-2022 Budget: €7 million

The vision for a European School for the Eastern Partnership is to offer quality education to pupils from partner countries, increasing opportunities, fostering co-operation and…



2014-2020 Budget: €14.7 billion

The EU's €14.7 billion flagship programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe and beyond, providing opportunities for young people to study, train, gain experience, and volunteer abroad.

Countries covered: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine…