Coming from a religious family from the Czech Republic, I dedicated myself to the study of politics and international governance to foster the betterment of LGBTI rights and to engage in global action to save Planet Earth from annihilation. Throughout my life, I've had the opportunity to study in 11 different countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I collaborated with local LGBTI activists, followed by Peru, where I interned at Lama Pack Project and developed a keen sense for the need for a sustainable future. When I was in Stockholm, I realised the importance of civic participation. Throughout my studies, I have been an active member of the European Youth Parliament, with six years of conferences all over Europe and youth peer-to-peer education behind me. Currently, I study at SciencesPo, where my first achievement was becoming the first openly gay student representative. Since then, I've strived for openness and equality on our campus, but also in the world, completing an internship with Safe Place International at their Athens LGBT Refugee Shelter, as well as the Human Rights Council to the Government of the Czech Republic. In the future, I plan to continue my fight for equal conditions and a better environment, and I am proud to be able to try to achieve these within the network of the Young European Ambassadors.

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Krystof Stupka