#YouCanToo: Minira

23 March 2020
With support from the EU, Azerbaijani filmmaker and advocate for gender equality Sitara Ibragimbeyli created this film revealing the gender issues in her society. Hear how this project became a reality: http://bit.ly/37fMxeb.

The right to education for all

10 December 2019
The EU is helping to make quality education accessible to pupils from the Eastern partner countries. On Human Rights Day, see how the EU helps improve the daily lives of citizens.

How mobile teams help families that have members with special needs in Moldova

09 December 2019
Four days a week, several ‘mobile teams’ consisting of psychologists, kinetotherapists and social workers visit families that have a member with special needs - just like Vlada. More in this story: http://bit.ly/2EaZb3V

A ramp, a social taxi and a new apartment: How the lives of seriously ill children are changing

09 December 2019
"We didn't know what rights we had. Then, Anastasia arrived and things got better." See how, with EU support, this social worker and 130 other healthcare specialists and activists have helped to improve the living conditions of seriously ill children

Ukrainian start-up developed interactive map for people with limited mobility

05 December 2019
A Ukrainian startup developed PROVIDNYK: an interactive map to help people with limited mobility to live fuller and more active lives. Read more about this social innovation: http://bit.ly/2QXGmqu