#YouCanToo: Maia

23 March 2020
Maia's family business has been taken to a new level by a grant from ENPARD - საქართველო. See how you can also benefit: http://enpard.ge/

Stronger women - stronger society

23 March 2020
housands of women in the Eastern partner countries have benefited from EU support. See howhttp://bit.ly/3bFWtRp.

#YouCanToo: EU vs Disinformation

23 March 2020
While media has a great role to play to end gender bias, fake news can have the opposite effect. The EU has been on the frontline of countering disinformation. Check out this @EUvsDisinfo library of debunked case: https://euvsdisinfo.eu/

The right to education for all

10 December 2019
The EU is helping to make quality education accessible to pupils from the Eastern partner countries. On Human Rights Day, see how the EU helps improve the daily lives of citizens.