Study of forest-based biomass use in Northern region of Ukraine

08 May 2019
Study of forest-based biomass use in Northern region of Ukraine was conducted within EU-funded Transborder Technical assistance project 'Biomass Energy: Turning Natural Potential into Regional Partnerships' under the Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme Belarus-Ukraine. The study…
EU4Energy: Understanding light bulbs

Understanding light bulbs

07 May 2019
Energy efficiency is a priority area for the EU, which funds a range of initiatives to reduce energy use in the Eastern Partnership region. Switching to LED light bulbs reduces CO2 emissions and offers significant energy savings.
EU4Energy: Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions in the Eastern Partner countries

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions in the Eastern Partner countries

06 May 2019
At the Paris climate conference (COP21) in December 2015, 195 countries adopted the first-ever legally binding global climate deal. The agreement aims to limit global warming to below 2°C and pursuing efforts to limit it to 1.5°C. Reducing CO2 emissions is crucial to achieving that aim and the EU…

Investing in people and planet

29 April 2019
Read in-depth about Finance in Motion’s social and environmental impact in “Investing in People and Planet.” 2018 review outlines how comprehensive approach to making a positive difference creates sustainable, long-term returns for investors, individuals, sectors, and communities.

EU4Energy - Eastern Partnership: EU invests in energy reforms

29 March 2019
The EU4Energy action of the European Union aims at improving the quality of energy data and statistics, shape regional policy-making discussions, strengthen legislative and regulatory frameworks and improve access to information in the partner countries.

Energy reforms: Monitoring report on Ukraine’s progress in areas of energy and environment

12 March 2019
This publication provides a comprehensive monitoring of Ukraine's progress of implementation of Association Agreement with EU in the areas of energy and environment status November 2018. It was issued in the framework of the Project on Increasing the Civil Society Impact on Monitoring and Policy…

International Energy Charter Annual Report 2018

08 March 2019
The Annual Reports provide a comprehensive overview of all activities of the Secretariat and the organisation in general for the year in question.

Renewables Readiness Assessment - Republic of Moldova

28 February 2019
Given its high dependence on imported energy resources, the Republic of Moldova is crying out for a more intensive use of renewable energy sources. In a country where three quarters of energy needs are covered by imports, the consistent and feasible implementation of a renewable energy strategy has…

Unleashing the power of community renewable energy

28 February 2019
This publication will help local energy campaigners across Europe, local governments and environmental groups, members of planned or existing energy cooperatives, and citizens to learn about their new rights, what those imply and what they can do to take control of their own energy. It also…

Energy poverty: problems and approaches in the EU and Ukraine

15 February 2019
The study looks into the definition of ‘Energy poverty’ in a broader spectrum of energy market reforms in Ukraine. Following the EU’s example reforms of energy markets are not only about creating a free and highly competitive environment, but also the ability of the state to fulfill its own social…