TOPCOP – Strengthening cooperation in the Eastern partnership countries to fight against organised crime

Project duration



€6 million

Implementing Partners

CEPOL, Europol
 TOPCOP: Сотрудничество стран Восточного партнерства в борьбе с организованной преступностью
TOPCOP: Сотрудничество стран Восточного партнерства в борьбе с организованной…

Brief Description

TOPCOP aims at improving operational effectiveness across the Eastern Partner countries. It will also reinforce the nexus between law enforcement training and operations, and provide an up-to-date situational picture of the threat organised crime poses to the region.


The project aims to improve operational effectiveness and foster more cooperation between the law enforcement authorities of the EU Member States and the Eastern Partner countries. 

Actions in brief

The project will create networks of capacity-building contact points to help close any gaps between law enforcement training and operational law enforcement efforts. It will also identify learning needs with a view to providing regional and targeted training based on evidence and commonalities. 

The project will make full use of CEPOL’s and Europol’s long standing respective expertise in assessing and delivering on law enforcement training needs, and on analysing crime data with a view to support international law enforcement cooperation. 

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