Strengthening surveillance capacity on the ‘green’ and ‘blue’ border between Belarus and Ukraine (SURCAP)

Project duration



€2.6 million

Brief Description

Helps Belarus and Ukraine strengthen their surveillance and control capacities along their joint border and to enhance coordination, thereby increasing security levels on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border

Countries covered: Belarus and Ukraine

Actions in brief

  • Assessment of the beneficiary countries' needs for border surveillance equipment, and preparation of technical specifications and other necessary tender documents for the supply contract;
  • Policy advice on the implementation of an agreement on coordinated patrolling on the Ukrainian-Belarusian borders;
  • Exchange of experience and best practice when protecting the ‘green’ and the ‘blue’ border and when applying special investigative techniques linked to border protection;
  • Training on the most effective methods to check the ‘blue’ border along rivers and the detection of small-scale swimming devices, on the detection and checking of foreign and falsified documents, illegal drugs and explosives at crossing points and training for senior management on mechanisms to facilitate detection of corruption in the services;
  • Practical training on the use of technical equipment to protect the border, such as thermal image cameras and GPS navigators;
  • Study visits to Western Balkans and EU countries with a focus on issues related to the protection of the 'green' border, illegal migration and use of special investigative techniques;
  • Exchange of experience on the involvement of the population living in border areas in the protection of the state border.
  • Procurement of border control equipment
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