Statistics for the Eastern Partnership (STEP)

Project duration



€4.7 million
Statistics for the Eastern Partnership (STEP)
Statistics for the Eastern Partnership (STEP)

Brief Description

The project aims to improve and harmonise the production of statistical data in the Eastern Partner countries by aligning them with European standards, thereby enhancing the political decision-making based on the statistical instrument.


The project’s specific objectives are:

  • To empower users including policy-makers, civil society and social partners in using statistical information in an educated and informed way;
  • To improve the availability of good quality statistics for all groups of users;
  • To strengthen the professional independence and institutional capacity of the National Statistical Institutes.

Actions in brief

The main activities are:

  • provision of technical assistance by European experts,
  • preparation and implementation of surveys, 
  • organisation of meetings, seminars, workshops and trainings, 
  • production of statistical publications for the region.


The project is managed by Eurostat.

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