Network of Think Tanks on the Eastern Partnership

Project duration




Implementing Partners

German Council on Foreign Relations
Сеть аналитических центров по вопросам Восточного Партнерства
Сеть аналитических центров по вопросам Восточного Партнерства

Brief Description

The network aims to engage leading think tanks, policy experts, and policymakers from the 27 EU member states and the six Eastern partners and beyond in an ongoing inclusive, coordinated, and systematic dialogue on the EU’s post-2020 eastern policy. The network will support structured dialogue among stakeholders with interest in the development of EU policy in relation to the Eastern Partnership.


  • Setting the foundations of the pilot think tank network and working on its development into a sustainable fully-fledged network
  • 3 workshop meetings (closed-door)
  • 3 public events, 3 input papers
  • 12 national consultations reflecting the topics of the workshops

Actions in brief


Three quarterly workshops are planned over the course of one year to discuss policy priorities and challenges, provide policy advice, and publish papers on topics relevant to the EU’s current and long-term Eastern Partnership agenda.

National Consultations

The purpose of the national consultations is to strengthen the quality of the workshop discussions by taking a deep dive into national context within the Eastern Partnership region and help develop the network in national contexts. National consultations will be organised for each of the six partner countries before the workshops take place.

Public Events

Each workshop will be followed by a public event during which the main takeaways will be communicated and further discussed with the wider public to reach out to other interested stakeholders and the foreign policy community, including parliamentarians and other political actors from the hosting country. 

Any think tank organisation that is active in a EU member state or EaP partner country can express interest in joining the network by completing the following survey. If the organisation is eligible, the project will respond with an invitation to join the network. More details are available on the project webpage of the German Council of Foreign Relations (DGAP).

List of think tanks and organisations participating in the network


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