Monitoring Progress, Empowering Action

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Monitoring Progress, Empowering Action
Monitoring Progress, Empowering Action

Brief Description

The project develops a monitoring framework of the enabling environment for civil society in the EaP region, based on the experience of developing and implementing a similar tool for the Western Balkans. The tool, known as the CSO Meter, will support regular and consistent assessment of law and practice affecting CSOs that operate in the region.


Overall objective: to strengthen and promote civil society's role in reforms and democratic changes taking place in the EaP countries.

Specific objectives: 

  • to contribute to an improvement of the environment in which CSOs operate, and ensure that an enabling environment exists in partner countries;
  • to strengthen CSOs’ capacities to promote evidence-based reform and increase public accountability.

Actions in brief

The project assists and enables local CSOs, donors or other interested parties to review and monitor the legal environment for civil society, and its implementation in their respective countries. 

The regional component allows for cross-country exchanges and learning, formulation of regional priorities and better communication and advocacy in order to improve the conditions of CSOs.

Activities include:

  • creation and piloting of a monitoring framework for enabling environment of CSOs that provides methodology for assessment and supporting documents to guide local CSOs in its implementation (incl. templates and questionnaires); 
  • development of country and regional reports – using the monitoring framework.
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