EU4Youth – Social Innovation Impact – a strategic partnership

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€1.67 million ( EU Investment: €1.5 million )

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EU4Youth – Social Innovation Impact – a strategic partnership
EU4Youth – Social Innovation Impact – a strategic partnership

Brief Description

The project will connect young entrepreneurs from Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, helping to develop their capacity, as well as to support the establishment of a favourable ecosystem for social entrepreneurship in Moldova, Ukraine and Romania.


The project’s main objective is to foster the empowerment of the entrepreneurial potential of young people from Moldova and Ukraine in the field of social entrepreneurship, notably with a view to contributing to social cohesion, employment, inclusion and reduction of inequalities.

Specifically, the project aims to:

  • Raise awareness among young people in Moldova and Ukraine as to the impact of social entrepreneurship in the community;
  • Establish social innovation labs to provide information and support for start-ups, and incubate a number of social enterprises implemented by young people;
  • Support the development of a favorable ecosystem for social enterprises in Moldova and Ukraine.

Actions in brief

  • At least one million people from the Republic of Moldova and the Odessa and Cernauti Regions of Ukraine are informed about social entrepreneurship using creative and multimedia online platforms, traditional media and social networks.
  • Four Social Innovation Labs are established in Moldova and Ukraine aiming to offer specific information, professional capacity building and development for start-ups in the field of social entrepreneurship, for at least 1,500 people in the region, of which at least 90% are youths. Common tools and materials will be provided and translated, training, conferences, study visits, seminars, workshops, webinars, and mentoring will be facilitated using participatory, experiential, learner-centred, dialogue-oriented methods. Two e-learning platforms will include training packages, and will continue to be a source of training in the field after the project is completed.
  • Eight social enterprises by young people from Moldova and Ukraine will be incubated and implemented through the Cross-border ”Social Impact Award” competition. 
  • Alliances created with civil society, local and national authorities, universities and business for the elaboration of public policies in the field of social entrepreneurship: for Moldova, this will include a proposal to establish a national programme for financing start-ups; for Ukraine, it will include a legislative framework for recognising social entrepreneurship.

The project is implemented by Alaturi de Voi Romania Foundation, Association of Cross-border Cooperation “Lower Danube Euroregion” (RO), Ecoul Cernobilului Foundation from Chisinau (MOL), Cross-Border Cooperation and European Integration Agency from Cahul (MOL) and Youth Public Organisation “New European Generation” (UA).

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