EU4Youth – 'School Garden' for Agricultural Entrepreneurship


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€1.58 million

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EU4Youth – «Школьный сад» для сельскохозяйственного предпринимательства»
EU4Youth – «Школьный сад» для сельскохозяйственного предпринимательства»

Brief Description

The project fosters the employability and active participation in society and the economy of young people living in disadvantaged rural areas in Belarus, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine (including around Chernobyl), by developing modern labour skills, supporting them in becoming leaders/entrepreneurs and promoting new professional opportunities.


  • To promote the integration of young people in disadvantaged rural communities into the economy and society by providing qualified professional education and vocational training, business and entrepreneurial knowledge, cooperation experience, and the social and business contacts needed for a future independent life.
  • To promote modern agricultural skills in disadvantaged rural communities to counter outdated agricultural technologies and labour organisation, low salaries, hard working conditions, and the mass production of products with low added value. 
  • To integrate local communities and educational institutions with regional and national vocational guidance institutions, the broader economic market and civil society, as well as with each other.
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