EU4Youth – SAY YES Skills for Jobs


Project duration



€1.53 million
EU4Youth – СКАЖИ ДА – Навыки для трудоустройства
EU4Youth – СКАЖИ ДА – Навыки для трудоустройства

Brief Description

The project contributes to the (self)-employability of young women and men aged between the ages of 15 and 35 in Armenia and Georgia, particularly those with fewer opportunities and from the vulnerable groups.


  • Enhance formal and non-formal education to increase opportunities for youth to develop adequate professional competences for integration in the labour market.
  • Strengthen support structures for youth employability at local and national levels and enhance the development of formal and non-formal education for fostering youth (self)-employability, through cross-sectoral cooperation.

Actions in brief

Research, good practice reviews and target group mapping to identify required skills that match labour market demands, and for the design of formal and non-formal educational programmes;             
Multi-stakeholder development of and advocacy for gender- and ability-sensitive formal and non-formal educational programmes including VET curricula development in compliance with Work-Based Learning (WBL) approach;             
Capacity development programmes for public institutions, public VET colleges and private companies involved in WBL programmes;                   
Implementation of formal and non-formal educational programmes for competence development of youth within and outside VET institutions, including complementary e-learning programmes;             
Event-based exchanges of practices and awareness-raising campaigns connecting VET institutions, youth-led structures, private companies and VET graduates/ students; Coordination meetings and advocacy measures for improvement of youth support structures for employability.


The project is implemented by World Vision Deutschland VE (DE) in partnership with “Global Development” Fund (AM), Association "Anika" (GE) and Georgia Farmers' Association.

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