EU4Youth – Better skills for a better future


Project duration



€1.58 million
EU4Youth – Лучшие навыки для лучшего будущего
EU4Youth – Лучшие навыки для лучшего будущего

Brief Description

The project contributes to developing the entrepreneurial potential of disadvantaged youth in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine, ensures their increased access to education and training opportunities for greater employability, and advocates for coherent and cross-sectoral youth policies at local, regional and national levels.


The project aims to reinforce entrepreneurial potential, education opportunities and social partnerships for young men and women, particularly the disadvantaged, through non-formal education, training and active networking and advocacy.

Actions in brief

Component 1: Actions to provide young people with marketable transversal skills for professional and personal growth through improved professional orientation, and formal and non-formal education.

Component 2:Support to young women and men to build their capacities on entrepreneurship and get access to youth-sensitive financial products and networking platforms to reinforce their entrepreneurial potential.       

Component 3:Enhanced policy dialogue is initiated on cross-sectoral youth policies, and a supportive framework and cooperation is established among youth stakeholders at local, national and regional levels. At the national level, the key task is to coordinate the youth sector and engage public, private and civil society sectors into partnership mechanisms. At local level, the project will focus on the capacities of youth liaison persons and on monitoring the planning and implementation of an inclusive and gender-sensitive National Youth Policy.

The project is implemented by Stichting Save the Children International (NL) in partnership with Oxygen Foundation for Protection of Youth and Women Rights (AM), Children And Youth Development Fund (GE) and CF Slavic Heart (UA).

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