EU4Energy Programme


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€21 million ( EU Investment: €20 million )
Solar panels and wind turbines. Shutterstock photo. Credit: Jaroslava V
Solar panels and wind turbines. Shutterstock photo. Credit: Jaroslava V

Brief Description

The EU4Energy Programme aims to improve the quality of energy data and statistics, shape regional policy-making discussions, strengthen legislative and regulatory frameworks and improve access to information in the partner countries. The Programme forms a key component of the EU4Energy Initiative.


How does the Programme help?

The EU is working with the International Energy Agency, Energy Community and Energy Charter Secretariat to implement the Programme, working on the following key areas:

EU4Energy data project: Improving the quality of energy data and statistics is key to sound policy-making. Working with the six countries of the of the European Partnership and five Central Asian states, the EU4Energy data project provides support to statistics agencies in the region to improve energy statistics and data management and to expand their use in evidence-based policy making.

EU4Energy policy project: Knowledge sharing and dialogue on common energy-related issues help countries design more effective energy policy. The EU4Energy policy project provides the six countries of the European Partnership and five Central Asian states with the necessary tools for effective evidence-based policy design. It does this by engaging the partner countries in regional discussion to shape policy in such sectors as energy security, sustainable energy and energy markets.

EU4Energy governance project: A robust legislative and regulatory framework is vital for the development of a sustainable energy sector. The EU4Energy governance project works with the six countries of the Eastern Partnership to strengthen their legislative and regulatory frameworks, as well as draft policy recommendations and identify investment opportunities in key strategic energy infrastructure projects.

EU4Energy web portal: Credible, comparative data help stakeholders make more effective policy decisions. The EU4Energy web portal project provides a one-stop-shop for energy information in the six countries of the Eastern Partnership and the five Central Asian states. The web portal - – is a repository for a range of energy data, statistics, information on energy infrastructure, policy developments and investment projects.

EU4Energy communications project: There are many tangible benefits of European Union support to energy sector reform in the six countries of the European Partnership and five Central Asian states. The EU4Energy communications project promotes the positive impact of EU-funded actions in the energy sector in the 11 partner countries through public awareness raising campaigns and actions publishing news, stories, and audio-visual material highlighting the results of EU-funded energy projects and programmes.

Actions in brief

Who stands to benefit?

Pushing forward regulatory changes, providing access to investment and strengthening monitoring and compliance helps the Eastern Partnership countries align their energy policies and markets more closely with the EU. While some countries are closer to achieving this than others, all six countries in the region stand to benefit from transitioning towards more sustainable energy frameworks. On average, economies in Partner countries are three times more energy-intensive than in EU Member States, so the potential for improvement is there.

Transforming the region’s approach to energy contributes towards sustainable economic development, jobs and investment; greater resilience in the face of climate change; and a reduced carbon footprint.

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