EU4Digital Broadband Strategies in the EaP region

EU4Digital Broadband Strategies in the EaP region

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€1 million

Implementing Partners

World Bank

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EU4Digital Broadband Strategies in the EaP region
EU4Digital Broadband Strategies in the EaP region

Brief Description

The project, implemented by the World Bank, supports the Eastern Partner countries in their development and early implementation of national broadband strategies, in line with relevant EU best practices and strategies, by providing technical assistance and capacity building support.


The main objective of the project is to accelerate broadband deployment in the Eastern Partnership region, through the roll-out of national broadband strategies, in line with similar EU best practices and strategies. Accelerating broadband deployment in the EaP region is of vital importance, not just in terms of its potential to boost GDP growth (estimated at between €2.9 billion and €4.3 billion for the EaP region, for fixed broadband alone), but also for providing the essential connectivity for the deployment of eServices for businesses and citizens. 

Actions in brief

The project carries out the following activities:

  • Benchmarking Study and Gap analysis
    Carrying out a benchmarking study and a gap analysis of the current market status, against the EU framework and EU member states’ best practices. In each country, the World Bank team conducts an analysis of existing government broadband strategies, legal and regulatory frameworks, and practices related to broadband development.
  • Support to improve legal and regulatory frameworks
    Based on the gap analysis, the project supports national policymakers and regulatory authorities to develop a common approach to improve partner countries’ legal and regulatory frameworks with the aim to facilitate broadband development, particularly telecoms and digital economy, in coordination with activities carried out under the various networks of the EU4Digital initiative and in line with EU best practices.
  • Support broadband mapping
    The project supports national policymakers and regulatory authorities in the mapping of broadband infrastructures and services in the EaP countries. Broadband mapping plays two interrelated roles, both in the coordination of deployment of infrastructure for the purposes of cost reduction, as well as in the classification of geographic areas into white, grey and black areas for state aid purposes.
  • Promote the sharing of experiences and best practices
    The project organises technical missions, workshops and events to deliver demand-based technical assistance activities to share experiences and best practices among the partner countries on topics related to support for their broadband development. Activities focus on topics such as rural broadband access, radio spectrum management, international and regional cross-border connectivity, wholesale and retail market regulation, cost reduction through infrastructure sharing, state aid to fill remaining market gaps, and demand-facilitation measures.
  • Formulate and support implementation of broadband strategies
    The project supports Eastern Partner countries in developing or updating broadband strategies through technical assistance on specific topics, and recommending improvements to their action plans. The project will also engage with relevant partners to identify ą pipeline of possible investment programmes that could be supported by development partners, in collaboration with the private sector.
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