EU4Business - Advice for Small Businesses programme


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€16 million

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Консультации для малого бизнеса
Консультации для малого бизнеса

Brief Description

Implemented by the EBRD, the programme is a continuation of the Small Business Support activities in the Eastern Partnership region. It assists small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries in improving their competitiveness and ability to attract external financing. The support is provided through improving the financial literacy of senior managers and by facilitating their firms’ access to high quality business support services, enhancing managerial capacity in all areas, and striving to develop the capacity of the local consultancy market to deliver needed services.


  • Support economic transition and enterprise change in viable SMEs in the EaP countries
  • Support DCFTA-related activities in the countries
  • Strengthen and improve sustainability of local business advisory services infrastructure
  • Contribute to improved access to finance for SMEs and enhance competitiveness of assisted SMEs

Actions in brief

  • Providing business advice and industry expertise
  • Strengthening local business advisory services
  • Preparing companies for investment
  • Providing advisory services to SMEs


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