EU4Border Security

Project duration



€4.44 million ( EU Investment: €3.55 million )

Implementing Partners

International Organisation for Migration (IOM)
Вместе с ЕС к Безопасности Границ
Вместе с ЕС к Безопасности Границ

Brief Description

The project works to facilitate trade and movement of people across the common border between Ukraine and Moldova, while preventing and combating smuggling and other border-related offences, crime and corruption, thus contributing to the security, stability and sustainable development of the region.


The specific objectives of the action are to:

  • improve the conditions for free and safe movement of persons, goods and vehicles across the common border;
  • enhance crime prevention and preparedness to respond to border incidents, based on enhanced inter-agency and international cooperation and exchange of information;
  • improve knowledge and skills on operational use of equipment, in conjunction with use of risk analysis products, in a bilaterally coordinated and coherent manner.

Actions in brief

  • Joint video monitoring and pre-arrival information exchange carried out at selected road BCPs.
  • Joint patrolling capacities improved and response time to border incidents (including urgent search and rescue needs) on common blue border reduced. 
  • Knowledge and skills on specialised equipment of relevant staff increased.
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