EMBLAS-Plus (Improving Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea – Special Measures)


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€1.6 million ( EU Investment: €1.55 million )

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Brief Description

The project builds on the results of the previous EMBLAS and EMBLAS-II projects to improve protection of the Black Sea environment through further technical assistance focused on marine data collection and local small-scale actions targeted at reduction of pollution by marine litter, public awareness raising and education. The project works with key partners from research/scientific and educational institutions, and civil society organisations. 


The overall objective of the project is to help improve protection of the Black Sea environment

The specific objectives are to:

  • Improve availability and sharing of marine environmental data from the national and joint regional monitoring programmes aligned with the MSFD and WFD principles and the Black Sea Integrated monitoring and Assessment Programme (BSIMAP);
  • Support joint actions to reduce river and marine litter in the Black Sea basin;
  • Raise awareness on the key environmental issues and increase public involvement in the protection of the Black Sea. 


Actions in brief

The project carries out the following key activities:

  • Implementation of national and joint regional monitoring programmes;
  • Facilitating of joint monitoring and reduction of marine litter;
  • Conducting of environmental public awareness and educational campaigns.
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