Eastern Partnership Integrated Border Management Flagship Initiative: introduction of an automated intelligent video-control system at the Novaya Huta-Novi Yarylovychi road border crossing point on the Belarus-Ukraine frontier

Project duration



€947,000 ( EU Investment: €800 000 )
ИУГ Украина-Беларусь
ИУГ Украина-Беларусь

Brief Description

The pilot project supports the customs and border guard services of Belarus and Ukraine, working at a specific road border crossing point on the countries' common frontier (Novaya Huta-Novi Yarylovychi). The proposed automated intelligent video-control system will have a pilot character, to be rolled out along the entire Belarusian-Ukrainian border in the coming years.


  • To help improve international cooperation between the customs and border guard services of Belarus and Ukraine
  • To help beneficiary countries increase levels of legal trade, tourism and, as a consequence, tax revenue
  • To contribute to the enhancement of security levels at the Belarusian-Ukrainian border

Actions in brief

  • Organisation of expert-level coordination meetings for Belarus and Ukraine customs and border guard agencies throughout the implementation period
  • Assessment of Belarusian and Ukrainian equipment and infrastructure needs
  • Elaboration of technical specifications on IP (internet protocol) cameras and equipment for recognising vehicle number plates
  • Organisation of the tender, procurement of the equipment and software, and supervision of its installation
  • Provision of expertise before system launch and organisation of end-user and system administrator trainings for customs and border guard staff
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