Eastern Partnership Integrated Border Management Capacity Building Project

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€4.5 million
Проект Восточного партнерства (ВП) по укреплению потенциала в области интегрированного управления границами (ИУГ)
Проект Восточного партнерства (ВП) по укреплению потенциала в области…

Brief Description

The Eastern Partnership (EaP) Integrated Border Management (IBM) Capacity Building Project supports the implementation of IBM across borders in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine, according to European best practices. The project focuses on capacity building and enhancing the training capacities of the national agencies involved in border management, such as border police and customs.


The overall objective of the project is to facilitate the movement of persons and goods across borders in the partner countries, while maintaining secure borders, through the enhancement of cooperation at national, cross-border and international levels.

Specifically, the project aims to:

  • contribute to the establishment of a modern training system in the beneficiary countries according to EU best practices, and enhance operational capacities by providing capacity building activities based on needs identified by the beneficiary institutions;
  • support the improvement of border crossing by traders, freight forwarders and passengers;
  • support the fight against corruption in the partner countries, and support improved respect for human rights for persons crossing borders;
  • where applicable, contribute to a smooth operationalisation of visa liberalisation.

Actions in brief

Activities are divided into three broad categories:

Improvement of IBM training capacity

  • Capacity building to improve the working methods of beneficiary institutions
  • Support in the definition of IBM training strategies
  • Support in the development of educational curricula and support to training centres


Enhancing IBM capacity through specialist training

  • Specific training in areas requested by beneficiary agencies and based on their needs, to include a range of IBM and customs topics such as false document detection, anti-trafficking, and English language training
  • Tailored risk-analysis training, including the possibility to create, reinforce and expand risk analysis networking with counterparts


Horizontal initiatives related to good governance and respect for fundamental rights

  • Activities and training dedicated to raising awareness of transparency, good governance and the fight against corruption
  • Support in the improvement of respect for the human rights of individuals crossing borders
  • Support to the development of communications and public relations skills


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