Vacancy notice for the Resident Twinning Assistants: Language (translator/interpreter) Assistant to the RTA

European Union, 2019
European Union, 2019

Background information:

The Twinning Project in the field of vocational education is a joint project between the Republic of Moldova – represented by the Ministry of Education, Research and Culture MoERC - and the Republic of Finland as the leading Member State and the Republic of Estonia and the Republic of Lithuania as junior partners.

The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the upgrade of the education system in Moldova in line with EU and Bologna process best practices and quality education principles. The Specific objective is to assist the Ministry of Education, Research and Culture and related VET bodies/institutions and actors to implement the national VET strategy 2013-2020 by improving the capacities of key-institutions in charge of quality assurance and enhancing collaboration between VET providers and private sector.

The Project has started its implementation in March 2019 and remains valid until February 2021

Within the project many activities will be carried out such as seminars, workshops and study visits, strategies and implementation plans etc. Therefore, the project coordinator RTA from Finland will be stationed in Chisinau.

We are offering interesting positions as assistants to the Resident Twinning Adviser. Activities include assisting the RTA with co-ordination, management and language issues of the Twinning project for two years’ period. The foreseen starting date is March 2019 and the contract remains valid until February 2021.

Office of the RTA / task division:

The RTA will carry out the daily coordination of the project, together with his Moldovan counterparts, in cooperation with the project leader from the Omnia Finland.
The RTA will be assisted by two local assistants, one Project Assistant and one Language Assistant. The RTA will focus on the overall coordination and content of the activities, and the evaluation of the progress of the project, while the Project Assistant and Language Assistant will take care of the project administration, logistics, translation and interpretation and assistance to the experts involved in the project.

The Project Assistant will focus on the project administration, logistics, drafting minutes of meetings, etc. while the Language Assistant will focus on translation and interpretation. Both Assistants will be the backup of each other whenever necessary.

The Assistants will be employed full time and stationed in Chisinau at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research in Chisinau and they will report to the RTA.

The tasks of the Language Assistant:

  • Translation / interpretation services: acting as an interpreter for the RTA and MS experts in meetings and other conversations from English to Romanian and vice versa and including translation of documents, e.g., legislation, policy documents, implementation plans, training materials, information materials, PowerPoint presentations etc., and consecutive or simultaneous interpretation during seminars, conferences and meetings.
  • Other tasks: performing other duties at the request of the RTA, either related to assistance with the implementation of the project (also assistance with duties related to project administration and office management, e.g., in the case RTA assistant is not available or prevented to perform the duties of the RTA assistant, perform other project related assignments requested by the RTA) or related to personal assistance with language issues and other issues that arise from moving to and working in a foreign country.

The Language Assistant will be recruited in accordance with the following selection criteria:

  • Minimum 3 years University degree or suitable working experience of at least 10 years;
  • Excellent command of Romanian and English languages - minimum level requested: C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;
  • Minimum of 3 years working experience as translator/interpreter ;
  • Very good knowledge of Russian language;
  • Ability to communicate effectively in these languages, including good drafting skills (in English especially).
  • Good computer skills in particular Word, PowerPoint and Excel, Outlook and/or open source similar software.
  • Ability to undertake activities independently as a team-player.
  • Good planning and organizational skills.
  • Proven ability to work effectively in an international environment.

Useful assets would be:

  • Previous experience in at least one EU funded project/programme.
  • Familiarity with translation of legal and technical documents related to the field.
  • Demonstrable interest and experience in the area of European cooperation.
  • Experience in working with Moldovan state institutions.
  • Patience and flexibility.


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