Vacancy: Associate Environmental Affairs Officer at the OSCE

European Union, 2017
European Union, 2017

The Office of the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities (OCEEA) deals with economic and environmental issues, operating under the premise that promoting economic prosperity and co-operation on environmental problems can contribute to international security and stability. The OSCE's role is twofold: a) to monitor economic and environmental developments among participating States, and alert them to any threat of conflict, and b) to facilitate the formulation of economic and environmental policies and initiatives among participating States, to promote security. The Office currently comprises 22 staff members.

Under the direct supervision of the Senior Environmental Affairs Adviser, and in close co-operation with colleagues from the Environmental Co-operation Unit, and in order to assist the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities in carrying out his mandate, as set out in PC Decision 197 of 5 November 1997, the incumbent performs the following functions, focusing on environment and security, and good environmental governance issues:

  • Assisting the Senior Environmental Affairs Adviser in identification, development and implementation of activities, including project activities, in particular on environment and security and on good environmental governance;
  • Supplying information on security-related project activities of other international organizations, NGOs, sub-regional initiatives and business organizations active in their areas;
  • Assisting in conducting research and drafting background papers on environmental issues;
  • Assisting in establishing and maintaining working relations with the partners of the Environment and Security Initiative (ENVSEC) as well as other international organizations, sub-regional initiatives and NGOs to help implementing the OSCE-led components of the ENVSEC work programme and its administrative and financial aspects, including the OSCE-hosted ENVSEC Trust Fund;
  • Assisting the Senior Environmental Affairs Adviser and colleagues from the Environmental Co-operation Unit in the development, management, monitoring and reporting on environmental activities and projects in close co-operation with the OSCE field operations;
  • Assisting in maintaining contact at a comparable level with officials of international organizations, sub-regional initiatives, NGOs and business groupings to identify activities for joint implementation and to share/compare results of project analysis and findings to ensure co-ordinated programme development and implementation;
  • Helping in developing agenda items and identifying speakers for the Economic and Environmental Forum (EEF) and its preparatory meetings, the Economic and Environmental Dimension Implementation Meeting (EEDIM) and other events such as workshops, training courses and project-related activities;
  • Preparing draft briefing papers, draft speeches and reports in regards to the environmental activities;
  • Performing other duties as required.

Vacancies at the OSCE are open for competition only amongst nationals of its 57 participating States, which include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

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