"Sensing Culture as a Bridge in Youth Work" training course in Georgia

European Union, 2019
European Union, 2019

This training course is a project which will gather 34 youth workers from 11 different countries in order to provide them with innovative tools and methods as well as competences and skills related to combating stereotypes and prejudices and educating youth on anti-discrimination. It will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia on 15-23 October 2019.

The objectives of the project are to make participants to:

  • Get familiar with the mechanism of stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination
  • Verify and reflect on their own stereotypes and prejudices in order to overcome them
  • Better understand their role as youth workers in combating stereotypes among young people in local communities
  • Enrich their knowledge about Open Space Technology as well as Forum Theatre method as useful and innovative ways of educating youth
  • Create, together with participants e-booklet with new activities using OST and FT for further dissemination
  • Make solid partnerships for KA1 and KA2 youth projects according to the proposals of Erasmus + programme
  • Make proposals for local and European youth projects in order to use the talent and traditions of young people together in the sake of local communities
  • Invent self – assessment tools in order to support young people to recognize their talents during non – formal educational methods and identify their learning outcomes

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