Running an Efficient Media Business: New OPEN Media Hub online course now open

European Union, 2019
European Union, 2019

The course illustrates the fundamental principles of media business management.

In order to dig deeper into the management processes within the departments, teams and individuals that make up a media business, the course focuses on and uses examples primarily from the advertising department. In every case the principles of management are the same for any department and function within the media business, including of course editorial content generators.

1.0 - Introduction

2.0 - Realistic Business Plans and Objectives

3.0 - The Cycle of Performance

4.0 - (i) Structure

5.0 - (ii) Clarity and Accountability

6.0 - (iii) Performance

7.0 - (iv) Response and Reward

8.0 - (v) Review and Revise

9.0 - Course Wrapup

The programme will take from 4-9 hours of work. Duration will depend on the uptake off the optional offline activity.

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