Prague Civil Society Centre Internship Programme 2019

European Union, 2019
European Union, 2019

About the programme

The aim of our internship programme is to enhance the capacity of civic organisations, movements or networks in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and enable cooperation between organisations from different countries.

Internships do not take place at the Prague Civil Society Centre. Rather we cover the costs of a one to two month internship at a host organisation of the intern’s choice in Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltics, Balkans, and Central Asia. Host organisations receive a contribution for hosting an intern.

The programme is flexible and gives interns an opportunity to tailor their internships to their specific needs and goals. The programme also gives an opportunity for host organisations to forge a deeper connection and cooperation with civil society from other countries whilst gaining from their experience and skills.

The intern can use their time at the host organisation to gain new skills or knowledge, develop relations between civil organisations in different countries, conduct research, write a report or paper, and expand their networks of contacts. We want internships to be useful for the host organisation too and encourage applications that demonstrate how the host will benefit from the knowledge of the intern.

Current applicants can choose from one of two slots: September – November 2019 or February – May 2020. The internship programme lasts from one to two months within these periods.


The programme is open for individuals with proven experience and commitment to their field in their country or region. Former interns have included:

  • Activists and members of civil society organisations
  • Human rights defenders
  • Think tank experts
  • Researchers engaged with our key themes
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Journalists
  • IT experts or technology specialists engaged in social causes

Please note that former PCSC fellows and interns are not eligible to apply. If you’re one of our alumni please do share the call and encourage your colleagues to apply! If you’ve participated in any other PCSC programme or event, you are welcome to apply.

Open to: anyone from Eastern Europe or Central Asia

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Internships / traineeships