#H2020Energy: Get funded to Demonstrate Novel Cleanenergy Technology

Nine topics are currently open for applications for funding:

  • LCE-10-2017 Reducing the cost of Photovoltaic electricity (€10 million)
  • LCE-11-2017 Near-to-market solutions for reducing the water consumption of concentrated solar power plants (€12 million)
  • LCE-12-2017 Near-to-market solutions for the use of solar heat in industrial processes (€8  million)
  • LCE-14-2017 Demonstration of large >10MW wind turbine (€25 million)
  • LCE-16-2017 2nd generation of design tools for ocean energy devices and arrays developmen and deployment (€7 million)
  • LCE-17-2017 Easier to install and more efficient geothermal systems for retrofitting buildings (€8 million)
  • LCE-18-2017 Enhanced Geothermal Systems in different geological conditions (€10 million)
  • LCE-19-2016-2017 Demonstration of the most promising advanced biofuel pathways (€15 million)
  • LCE-20-2016-2017 Enabling pre-commercial production of advanced aviation biofuel (€10 million)


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