Grants opportunities: Peacebuilding through Capacity Enhancement and Civic Engagement (PeaCE) for Armenians and Azerbaijanis

The ‘Peacebuilding through Capacity Enhancement and Civic Engagement’ (PeaCE) programme is funded by the European Union under the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP). Eurasia Partnership Foundation in Armenia (EPF-Armenia), Eurasia Partnership Foundation in Azerbaijan (EPF-Azerbaijan) through Caucasus Research Resource Centre in Georgia (CRRC-Georgia), and International Alert (IA) have been implementing the PeaCE programme since January 2017. The duration of the PeaCE program is 36 months, and the overall budget is EUR 1,860,000. 

The PeaCE programme aims to re-engage Armenians and Azerbaijanis from geographic areas affected by the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in peacebuilding activities, as well as revive the peacebuilding process within and between these societies. The PeaCE programme expects that interested civil society actors and grassroots will be able to contribute to bridging the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict divide via implementing innovative in-country, bilateral or multilateral peacebuilding initiatives.  

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