European eTwinning Prize Competition

The European eTwinning Prize Competition
The main category is sponsored by the European Commission and has three levels as follows:

The three prizes are for projects involving:
1. Pupils age 4-11
2. Pupils age 12-15
3. Pupils age 16-19

In addition to the main eTwinning Prize category there are also a number of special categories sponsored by other organisations. You can find more information on the special categories for this year here.

To join the competition, projects must have been awarded the European Quality Label in any year of the project’s lifespan. Only the partners of a project who have received the European Quality Label can apply for and win a European Prize. All projects must demonstrate that they have been active in the school year.

Projects can only apply once for the eTwinning Prizes; however, projects that have demonstrated a significant improvement over time can apply a second time at the discretion of the National Support Services involved.

Each year several hundred projects compete in different categories for the honour of being awarded. The competition is high and the standard attained by the teachers and pupils involved in the projects rise each year.


Find more information and apply here