“Embracing Diversity”- Training course on diversity management

European Union, 2019
European Union, 2019

18-23 November 2019 | Rome, Italy

During the training course, we will look at different concepts of inclusion and diversity. We will offer concrete tools, techniques and methods youth workers can use to manage diversity. We will facilitate discussions between the participants in order to learn from each other and find common ground in our experiences with working with diverse groups. Participants at the course will also learn how to pass on what they have learned at the training to the young people they work with.

Aim: To support youth work professionals in developing diversity management competences in their daily practice and how to help young people appreciate diversity and cooperate valuing each others’ differences.

Profile of participants:

  • Professionals working directly with diverse groups of young people on a regular basis. This includes youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, coaches, social workers, etc.
  • Participants interested in developing their ‘diversity management’ competences and learning how to deal with diversity of all kinds.
  • Ready to critically reflect on their own attitude towards diversity
  • Able to work in (international) English.
  • From E+: YiA Programme countries & Eastern Partnership (EaP) and Russia

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