The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Belarus is looking for a driver

European Union, 2020
European Union, 2020

The EU Delegation to Belarus offers a local staff post for a Driver. The person recruited will be attributed functions depending on the needs of the Delegation. Upon recruitment, the successful candidate will occupy a specific job function as Driver (this job function may evolve in accordance with the needs of the Delegation). Under this job function the successful candidate will serve as a driver for the EU Delegation in Minsk and occasionally perform simple logistic and administrative tasks for the Delegation, under the supervision and responsibility of the Head of Administration of the EU Delegation. The specific duties of the employee shall be decided and may be adapted by the employer according to the needs of the European Union.

The EU Delegation to Belarus offers an interesting position with a competitive salary in an international environment. Benefits, such as additional pension scheme and medical insurance, are offered to employees and their families under certain conditions.

Place of employment is Minsk, Republic of Belarus. The contract signed with the selected candidate will be subject to local legislation. The length of the working week is 37 ½ hours.

Selection Criteria

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Medically fit to perform the required duties in line with the local legislation requirements
  2. Enjoys civil rights and permits for employment under local law
  3. In possession of a valid driving licence of category B
  4. Completed secondary education
  5. Minimum 2 years of proven driving experience as a professional driver with a clean driving record
  6. Fluent in English and Belarusian and/or Russian
  7. Good knowledge of the roads in Minsk and in Belarus in general
  8. Technical knowledge of the basic mechanical functions of vehicles
  9. Knowledge of IT tools: MS Office applications, such as Word, Excel and Outlook

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