Call for Proposals: Funding opportunity for online promotion of European works


The Promotion of European Works Online scheme shall provide support to:

  • Action 1: Actions such as digital promotion, marketing, branding, tagging and development of new offers by existing VOD services offering a majority of European films. The aim of the action is to improve the visibility, discoverability and global audience of European audiovisual works.
  • Action 2: The preparation of digital packages facilitating the commercialisation of European audiovisual works on VOD platforms;
  • Action 3: Innovative strategies for distribution and promotion of European audiovisual works, including audience development initiatives focusing on innovative and participatory strategies reaching out to wider audiences with European films.

Applicants submitting projects for different actions should provide separate applications for each action.

The action must start between the 01/09/2017 and the 01/01/2018.

The duration of the action is 12 months. 

Closing date

Opportunity type

Calls for Proposals