Call for Proposals: Funding opportunity for distribution of European Films


The activities to be funded are campaigns for the non-national distribution of eligible European films, submitted as part of an eligible grouping of minimum 7 distributors coordinated by the sales agent of the film.

The film must have been majority produced by a producer/producers established in countries participating in the MEDIA sub-programme and made with a significant participation by professionals from those countries. The film must be a recent work of fiction, animation or documentary of more than 60 minutes long and from a different country than the country of distribution.

The film must not consist in alternative content (operas, concerts, performances, etc.) or advertising. Films from DE, ES, FR, IT, and UK must have a production budget of maximum 10M€. For the film to be eligible its first copyright must not have been established before 2014.

The theatrical release of the film (not including previews or special screenings) shall take place in the territories concerned at the earliest on the same day as the date of submission and within 18 months after the relevant deadline for submission.

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